The Trump administration strengthens cybersecurity in space
The Trump administration strengthens cybersecurity in space

The Trump administration has released its Fifth Space Policy, which aims to provide a list of the aviation industry's best cybersecurity practices to protect spacecraft from cyber threats.

The guideline aims to encourage government and the aviation industry to design their spacecraft as they develop cybersecurity plans and include tools such as encryption software and other precautionary measures in the design, manufacture, and operation of their vehicles.

Senior executives said the current focus is on cybersecurity in space as foreign adversaries increasingly threaten space equipment.

"These threats are many and complex," said one official. "Enhancing cooperation between the public and private sectors to improve the security and resilience of the infrastructure is key to our efforts."

Officials pointed to a recent report by the Ministry of National Defense detailing military and security developments in China over the past year.

The report details the development of China's space program and China's efforts to develop weapons such as satellite jamming devices and offensive electronic capabilities.

In response to these threats, the new policy includes guidelines that companies must follow when launching satellites and other vehicles into space.

The relevant authority recommends that operators use different types of software to ensure the data received from the spacecraft is encrypted.

The policy also encourages companies to use a reliable supply chain and monitor the health of their ground systems, including their facilities to transmit signals and retrieve data from spacecraft.

The report recommends preventing interference and deception via satellite and stresses that government agencies should work with commercial companies to improve the best cybersecurity practices they should adopt.

One official said: It is important to emphasize that we are not trying to impose new requirements and standards led by the government, but rather work with the private sector and benefit from it.

The new "Fifth Directive" is the Trump administration's latest guideline for shaping the US space agenda.

Trump's first policy ordered NASA to return people to the moon, while other policies focused on finding a way to monitor space traffic and simplify space licensing regulations.

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