Apple may delay iPhone 12 launch due to delayed shipments of chips from Broadcom
Apple may delay iPhone 12 launch due to delayed shipments of chips from Broadcom

Broadcom, which provides components for Apple devices, announced Thursday that the annual increase in shipments of chips will come later this year, which likely indicates that the next generation of iPhone will be after the usual. Release date published end of September. September.

Broadcom took about a fifth of its revenue from Apple in 2019: The growth in chip shipments (analysts believe this will be the growth of the next-generation iPhone) will reach the fourth quarter of its annual plan, more than three months late.

In June of last year, a Broadcom official hinted that Apple may delay delivery of its next iPhone 12 smartphone due to the emergence of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the COVID-19 outbreak, and supply chain problems.

The company's CEO, Hock Tan (Hock Tan), has warned investors that the company's revenue for 2020 will be affected by what he calls "North America's largest wireless customer." Looks like he's been referring to This is Apple.

“In the third quarter, we generally expect double-digit and double-digit revenue growth in consecutive generation of next-generation phones for our major wireless customers in North America,” Tan said. Now we don't expect these sales until the next quarter.

Usually, Apple introduces its new version of the iPhone at an event in September. The device can usually be ordered a few days after the event and will be delivered next week after that.

Tan’s comments and Broadcom’s new announcement coincide with the iPhone 12 that has been leaked so far due to the (Covid-19) outbreak, as the Wall Street Journal previously reported: Production of this phone may be delayed by a month. Nikkei Shimbun indicator should be postponed. This post was completed a few months ago and Digitimes also reported about it, and the newspaper also mentioned that Apple may start producing cell phone models early.

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