Apple may retire the iPod Nano this month
Apple may retire the iPod Nano this month

According to reports, Apple will add the 7th generation (iPod nano) to its list of obsolete and neglected products later this month.

This officially shows that the latest iPod in the popular Nano range is out of date.

The list of old products contains materials that have not been sold in more than five years and less than seven years. Once a product exceeds the seven-year limit, it is considered ignored.

Apple introduced an updated version of the seventh generation iPod nano in mid-2015, which is the latest version (iPod nano).

After using the device for five years, it should be added to the list of old devices.

Apple released the first iPod nano in September 2005 and redesigned the device several times during the life cycle of the popular nano product.

The first iPod Nano model was similar in design to a standard iPod, but with a smaller size and slimmer profile, it fits easily in a pocket.

The second-generation version was scaled back and introduced a shiny aluminum color, but it introduced a design similar to the first iPod nano.

The third generation iPod nano is widely known as "mighty iPod nano" due to its design. This is the first time that Apple has introduced a major design iteration in the Nano series.

With the fourth generation (iPod nano), Apple has reduced the size again and ditched the rugged design of the third generation, while the fifth generation looks almost the same.

In 2010, the sixth generation iPod Nano saw another major design change, with Apple dropping the Click Wheel and instead adopting a full-screen design that was very similar to the current Apple Watch.

The seventh generation iPod Nano became the final product launched in October 2012 with the iPod touch multi-touch display and the Home button.

Apple released the seventh generation iPod Nano in 2015 to add new colors, but it hasn't changed the design, indicating that the device is nearing its end.

IPod nano was discontinued in mid-2017 with the iPod shuffle. This makes the iPod touch the only iPod that Apple sells.

Apple plans to officially add the seventh generation iPod Nano to its legacy list on September 30, along with the fifth generation (iPod touch®), which was originally released on October 11, 2012.

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