Apple responds to Epic by filing a counter-lawsuit and claims damages
Apple responds to Epic by filing a counter-lawsuit and claims damages

On Tuesday, Apple responded to a lawsuit against Epic Games, the maker of the popular Fortnite game, responding that the game company had violated its contract with Apple and requested an unspecified compensation.

"The lawsuit against Epic Games is nothing more than a fundamental financial dispute," the company said in a document filed with the District Court for the Northern District of California. "While Epic Games pretends to be a modern company (Robin Hood), it's actually a billion dollar corporation that doesn't want to pay for the colossal value you get from it," she added.

The spat between Apple and Epic Games began on August 13 when Epic Games released a version of the game ("Fortnite") on the App Store that included an option without paying Apple's usual 30% commission. . In-game content financing: Apple removed the app from the App Store and Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple today.

On August 28, the company suspended accounts for Epic Games developers, escalating the battle and preventing the company from creating new apps or updating games (Fortnite) on the Apple platform.

Apple has now decided to take further measures to force the court to hold Epic Games accountable for breach of contract and other allegations, to recover all payments that Fortnite has raised through its payment system, and to seek ongoing court orders to block external payment mechanisms. In all applications including (Fortnite) games.

It is believed that Apple's response indicated that he was shocked by Epic Games and even stated that the executives at Epic Games "thank and thank Apple for its support and promotion of the (Fortnite) incident in April 2020."

In court documents, the company said: Epic Games received more than $ 600 million in revenue from the App Store.

Epic Games has argued that iPhone manufacturers are removing competition from the open market and are filing for a court order to return Fortnite to the App Store and restore their developer accounts. Sessions are currently scheduled for the end of this month, but these dates are subject to change.

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