Microsoft confirms the Xbox Series S release date.
Microsoft confirms the Xbox Series S release date.

Microsoft confirmed today, Tuesday, that the version (Xbox Series S) is ready via a tweet on the official account of the platform, which is a smaller and cheaper version of the Xbox game platform. Next Generation X Series (Xbox on Twitter.

However, the US tech giant later posted a video on its Xbox channel on YouTube that showed some specs for the platform along with a release date (which was also revealed in a recent leak).

According to the sources, the Microsoft Windows Central website announced on Monday that Microsoft's new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms will be released on November 10.

In fact, at the end of the 94-second video, the company wrote that the platform would be released on November 10. Microsoft also announced that the platform will have a digital version without a CD player.

The platform supports 1440p games with a 120fps refresh rate. In addition to the variable refresh rate functionality, it supports DirectX RayTracing and ultra-low latency.

The Xbox Series S will come with a 512GB SSD that supports 4K media playback and supports 4K game upscaling.

Microsoft said in a tweet today: The platform will be "the smallest Xbox (Xbox) ever," and will be sold for $ 299.

It should be noted that Microsoft's confirmation came after the leak of the platform, as reported by Windows Central on Monday. The Xbox Series X is $ 499, while the Xbox Series S is $ 299.

According to Windows Central, both devices can be purchased in monthly installments. The site also states that consumers can buy Xbox Series X for $ 35 a month or Xbox SeriesS for $ 25 a month.

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