Apple starts running iOS 13.7 with a Corona notification
Apple starts running iOS 13.7 with a Corona notification

Apple today released iOS 13.7, which supports the exposure notification system announced today, with the goal of enabling health officials to use smartphones to track contacts without the need to create apps.

The new exposure notification system is called Exposure Notifications Express and it enables public health officials to send small configuration files to Apple and Google. The two tech companies then use the file to set up a system that phone owners can subscribe to. Find out if they are close to people who have tested positive for the new coronavirus.

This system is an extension of the current efforts to track contact with the Coronavirus, but it will reduce the burden on countries that need to create custom applications.

If the local health authority can provide an exposure notification system, iOS 13.7 will notify users and allow them to configure without downloading new apps. However, on Android devices, users will also receive notifications from the phone's operating system, but they will still need to download the auto-generated app.

In the past six weeks, six states and about 20 countries in the United States have introduced exposure notification apps based on Apple-Google technology without encountering any major hurdles. Compatibility between apps continues to grow, enabling cross-border tracking. Some jurisdictions, such as Hawaii, are developing separate tracking technologies.

Some governments are praising the system, which can help them test and isolate infected people more effectively, rather than simply requiring infected people to see infected people. So infected people think about people and increase the chances of infection. I forgot something. However, due to rules set by Apple and Google, some governments are dissatisfied with this, which limits their ability to collect user location, phone number and other detailed information.

It is reported that iOS 13.7 is now available for download.

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