NVIDIA offers advanced graphics cards RTX 3090 3080 and 3070
NVIDIA offers advanced graphics cards RTX 3090 3080 and 3070

Nvidia announced today (Tuesday) that it will use Micron's memory technology to create a suite of high-performance discrete graphics cards to be manufactured by Samsung.

Company headquarters in Santa Clara, California: New graphics cards: (GeForce RTX 3090) GeForce RTX 3090, (GeForce ITX 3080) and (GeForce ITX 3070) improve the game's graphics. Video performance has doubled and energy efficiency nearly doubled.

Nvidia has a long history of partnering with several chip manufacturers to manufacture its devices, and recently it has relied on Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturer (TSMC) to produce the most advanced chips.

Samsung will use the 8nm chip manufacturing process instead of the latest 5nm process to create the new GeForce cards. However, Nvidia representatives said that they worked with Samsung to tweak the process so that Nvidia chips are about 10% faster than Samsung's other 8nm chips.

Nvidia CEO (Jensen Huang) announced to investors at a conference call last month. Explain why the company is not using the latest chipmaking technology: “The processing technology is more complex than numbers. I think people have simplified it to an almost absurd level.”

NVIDIA chipsets use a variety of technologies to improve graphics performance, such as: b. Use an AI processor to predict how light will move through the scene, rather than manually counting each beam. The newer chips also use a memory technology called GDDR6X, which Micron has been developing since 2006, which doubles the amount of data that can be processed in NVIDIA chips.

“Unlike conventional memory, the GDDR6X has unparalleled productivity that can keep pace with innovation in games and applications that require large amounts of data,” said Tom Ebby, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Information Technology. And the Micron Network.

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