Bing and Google appear on Android phones in Europe
Bing and Google appear on Android phones in Europe

In addition to (PrivacyWall) and (, Microsoft Bing also won a quarterly auction on Google. It appears as a search option for new Android devices in 31 European countries.

After the European Union fined companies billions of dollars for violating antitrust laws, Google allowed competitors to bid for ad space on top of search pages on Android devices.

As part of the European cartel agreement, Google should offer new Android users the option to download competing search products.

These checkboxes were auctioned off, and Google announced the options that will be available to users between October 1 and December 31 of this year.

The search giant announced a quarterly auction starting in March to provide users with three providers in addition to Google's search engine.

Auction winners and Google search engine are randomly displayed on the user's device selection screen.

Bing secured the copyright in 13 countries in the last auction from October to December.

Starting October 1st, Bing will be one of the four options available to users in countries / regions such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Puerto Rico-based PrivacyWall has rights to appear in 22 countries / territories, while a US-based company ( has rights to appear in 31 countries / territories.

Other winners are the independent search engine (DuckDuckGo), German messaging service (GMX) and Russian internet giant Yandex.

DuckDuckGo, an independent search engine that won auctions in eight countries, criticized the process and urged bidders to take advantage of users.

(DuckDuckGo) said in a blog post, that Google Auction will degrade search engines in terms of privacy and increase in ads and not for charity because if they do, their bids will be higher.

It should be noted that according to (Statcounter) data released in August, Google's stable share of the European search market is 97%.

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