Epic Games' violation of Apple's guidelines is scandalous
Epic Games' violation of Apple's guidelines is scandalous

A US federal judge criticized Epic Games' decision to breach its contract with the iPhone maker to send a copy of Fortnite to the App Store using a proprietary payment system, forcing Apple to remove the game from its app store. .

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the US District Court for the Northern District of California hears arguments in a monopoly lawsuit filed by Fortnite developers against Apple.

During the hearing with the two companies, the judge expressed doubts about (Epic Games') arguments, in particular their claim that they did not pose a threat to Apple's security. Because it is a reliable company and it is already in the (iOS) app store. It has been around for many years.

The judge made it clear to the company several times during the hearing that they did not believe their argument or strategy and said: There are a lot of people who think you are the hero of what you do, but this behavior is shameful.

The (Zoom) hearing for three hours did not resolve any issues related to the Epic Games antitrust lawsuit against Apple, including the game's temporary return to the store.

According to the New York Times, a decision is expected in this regard in the coming days.

The judge recommended that the case be referred to a jury in July of next year for final adjudication of these cases.

Rogers said it's important to understand what real people think and whether these safety concerns concern people.

Epic Games' argument did not convince a judge that Apple had violated antitrust laws by combining the App Store with an integrated payment system.

The judge also said: (Epic Games) doesn't necessarily agree that Apple has weakened its ability to distribute Fortnite by controlling the App Store.

Attorneys for Epic Games admitted that the company had violated its agreement with Apple but claimed that it refused to honor non-competitive contracts.

The lawsuit between Apple and (Epic Games) has become a symbol for many developers unhappy with the iPhone maker's App Store policy.

In the last week, a number of companies, including Spotify and Tile, formed the App Fairness Alliance to defend the fundamental rights of content creators, create apps, and do business directly with customers.

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