Can Huawei compete when HarmonyOS launches in 2021?
Can Huawei compete when HarmonyOS launches in 2021?

Last Thursday, the Chinese company Huawei announced that it will install its HarmonyOS operating system on all smartphones. If the US prevents the company from taking full advantage of the Android operating system, it will roll out next year in 2021. Is it really competitive if the Harmony OS launches in 2021?

What do we know so far about Huawei's fluid operating system?

The company's announcement was made at the Huawei Developers Conference (HDC) in Dongguan, China. Richard Yu, the company's primary consumer company, said, “The latest version of the operating system (Harmony OS) has been officially released to global developers. The company has finished developing the second version (Harmony OS) of the system, which debuted last year, and is planning to open a beta version of the Harmony OS. This development tool that will be available on the smartphone website in December 2020.

On September 10, the company also released a beta HarmonyOS 2.0 SDK for its automotive smartwatches, TVs and entertainment devices.

"Huawei's Mobile Service System (HMS) now has 1.8 million application developers, 490 million active users and 96,000 applications," added Yu.

Why is the company taking this step now?

After the company added the company to its list of companies not authorized to handle any US government affairs in May last year, it expanded its OS plan because it was blocking Google's supposed technology to provide cell phones to companies running the Android operating system. Be ready. , And blocking access to the Google GSM service that most Android apps depend on.

But can the company really succeed in replacing the Android OS?

Although the company promised numerous incentives to developers dedicated to developing apps for its operating system, analysts questioned the ability of the Harmony OS to replace the Android OS. Especially in overseas market (many users depend on Google apps like: Gmail and YouTube all together.

IDC analyst (Brian Ma) said, “While the (Harmony OS) operating system contains many incentives to lure developers, it can be difficult for Huawei to convince them to invest time in development. Migrating applications from Android to the system.” Its operation in particular is from Among a relatively small number of users currently.

He added, "It is unlikely that Google will provide the new operating system from Huawei with its popular applications such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and other applications that Huawei mobile phone users depend on. So far. This is the biggest problem."

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