Facebook ... Privacy is great but have you ever heard of money?
Facebook ... Privacy is great but have you ever heard of money?

Facebook constantly reminds us that they value our privacy, but the company is doing a poor job of tracking it. Over the past few months, the company has intentionally prevented anyone from logging out of these data mining machines. Although it mistakenly shared this data with thousands of developers at the time, it now appears that Facebook is trying to throw off its promises to consumers.

The message is from Bloomberg. Firstly, the news reported that Facebook had attempted to track down the Irish Data Protection Commission - the de facto Irish national authority responsible for enforcing data protection laws across the country. European Union.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that these Irish authorities had sent a preliminary order to Facebook to force the company to stop sending data on European citizens to the company's headquarters in Silicon Valley or pay billions of dollars. Fines risk.

The order came shortly after the European Court of Justice repealed a long-standing set of rules (known as the "Privacy Shield") designed to ensure that European Union citizens' data can be stored securely on the servers of US tech companies such as Facebook and Google. Without having to do so. Your federal government.

Without a meaningful option, Facebook can only try to prove to EU regulators that it can be responsible for user data in the European Union.

“The lack of safe and legal international data transmission is hurting the European Union economy and impeding the development of subsidiaries. The data is growing as we try to recover from it,” Nick Clegg, vice president for global affairs, said in an article published earlier this week. New (COVID-19): The new coronavirus (COVID-19): COVID-19. "

Nick Clegg continued, “Companies large and small will feel the impacts across multiple departments. In the worst case, this could mean that a small German tech startup is no longer able to use service providers. The cloud is in the US. Spanish product development companies are no longer able to. On handling operations across multiple time zones, French retailers may find that they can no longer establish call centers in Morocco.

It is not uncommon for Facebook to use small businesses as a temporary buffer to avoid burdensome regulations or to gain support from parties trying to circumvent these regulations.

None of these fictional global companies are currently under the wrath of the European Union, and even at best, Facebook has a lot of money to lose. If he does not wish to continue paying a certain percentage of fines, he must make well-intentioned efforts to reduce the flow. Transatlantic data from about 400 million Facebook users in the European Union.

Since (data) is a name, Irish recommendations should change everything from leasing to cloud services, and since this type of business usually involves the risk of storing EU data on a server, Facebook

Even if Facebook rejects, nearly every other large tech company can use the same terminology, and as Facebook also pointed out, this requirement could transfer billions of dollars between the US and US digital markets. “The European Union this year. Transfer.

This is, of course, the worst case scenario. A source close to the deal told Bloomberg that the Irish Watchdog didn't interact on Facebook until mid-September. Upon completion of the deal, the European Commission plans to send a draft of a new file to 26 other data institutions in the European Union to request proposals (agreement of all parties).

But for now, Facebook has not found any solutions. It is up to the European Union to find legislative responses that respect confidentiality standards while also allowing the company to transfer data to servers in the US as long as it does. The allegations, she admits, will always pay dividends for the sake of secrecy.

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