China launched an experimental reusable spacecraft
China launched an experimental reusable spacecraft

China launches a reusable spacecraft (possibly a spacecraft) into space, which is a mysterious vehicle that can be compared to the secret US spaceship (X-37B) currently orbiting the Earth.

Similar to the X-37B, the Chinese spaceship will remain in orbit for some time, but China says the spacecraft is designed to promote peaceful uses of space.

It is unclear what the Chinese spacecraft looks like as there are no official displays or photos of the spacecraft.

According to Andrew Jones, a freelance writer specializing in the Chinese space program, rumors surfaced earlier this year that the space mission might take place sometime in 2020.

Jones stressed that the launch of the spacecraft meets China's goals in space exploration, and said, "For several years, China has been studying various concepts of spacecraft.

State media announced in 2017 that the main Chinese aerospace contractor is developing an experimental reusable spacecraft that can land horizontally.

China may have kept its introduction relatively secret, but it had not released any information prior to this visit.

Jones said that after China modified the missile launch tower at the China Satellite Launch Center (Jiuquan) (March 2), speculation increased about the types of special flights.

Xinhua News Agency said the successful launch was only related to the payload of an experimental reusable spacecraft.

Although China says the mission of the spacecraft is to review reusable technology as intended in order to provide technical support for peaceful uses of space, it remains unclear what the spacecraft will do in orbit.

Jones said: The launch may surprise people, but it is, in fact, in line with the Chinese government's space goals.

He added, "China is very interested in spacecraft. They said," They will do it and it looks like they will do it on time. "

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