China officially announces a global initiative to protect data security
China officially announces a global initiative to protect data security

China today announced an initiative to set global standards for protecting data security, hoping to promote diversity between "isolated countries" and other countries and push companies out.

State Councilor Wang Yi announced a month after the United States announced that it would remove "untrusted" Chinese applications as part of a program called "Clean Network".

China's initiative calls on technology companies to prevent the creation of so-called back doors in their products and services to prevent illegal access to data. Participants must respect the sovereignty, jurisdiction, and data management rights of other countries.

The initiative also urges participants not to closely monitor other countries or illegally obtain information from foreign citizens through information technology. China has not detailed the nature of the initiative, nor has it indicated that other countries have joined the initiative.

"There is a need to formulate global data security rules that reflect the wishes of all countries and respect the interests of all parties on the basis of the global participation of all parties," said Wang Jianzhu. He added, “Some countries adhere to the principle of unilateralism and invoke cleanliness. Pouring water in other countries, then tracking down the leading companies in other countries of the world under the pretext of security. These harassments are clear and must be combated and rejected.

China strictly controls and monitors cyberspace via Great Firewall, which has restricted access to companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google for years.

The administration of the President of the United States (Donald Trump) has turned against Chinese giants such as Huawei, Tencent and ByteDance, the owners of the application (TikTok), raising concerns about national security and personal data collection. These companies refused even. .

The Trump administration has blocked US exports to Huawei and plans to ban TikTok in the US this month unless ByteDance sells its Tik Tok business in the US.

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