Tesla is using new technologies to replace robots at the German plant
Tesla is using new technologies to replace robots at the German plant

These robots are no longer efficient enough for Germany's new Tesla car manufacturer, which plans to replace hundreds of robots with giant aluminum casting machines, Reuters reported, citing people familiar with the matter. To make body parts easier. .

The electric vehicle maker has worked hard to expand its production scale through high-tech automation and was forced to move a new production line from Germany to Nevada in 2018 because robots could not harmoniously coordinate this between American factories.

For the new Y Model, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it would replace the manufactured unit with a 70-piece aluminum casting machine installed in the underside of the rear of the vehicle. part. Reuters sources said: This is just the beginning. In the future, the front of the car and other parts of the car will fly.

On August 13, Musk tweeted, "It's amazing to see him in action! It will be the greatest throwing machine ever." He added, "The rear structure is made in one, including the anti-collision beam," without disclosing when or where the new machine was launched.

Tesmanian, a blog dedicated to Tesla News, said Monday that the company's new plant in Brandenburg, near the German capital Berlin, will be equipped with eight Gigapress machines.

The body is usually made by bonding several sheets of metal together, which helps automakers to design shock absorbers in the event of an accident. Musk paved a new path, however, at the Brandenburg plant.

The source said: "He - the owner - wants the body to consist of the fewest possible units." He added, "He sees casting as a new way to achieve this goal. It's like making a toy out of a piece of metal. Like a car."

The source added: The Gigapress is just a small house provided by the Italian company IDRA, which is an indispensable part of the mask movement to transform the "machine-making machine". IDRA previously said it was the first time Gigapress had supplied to North American automakers, but had not mentioned it.

Musk's efforts to reduce manufacturing complexity stem from workers' pressure on German carmakers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi to keep the threat of local assembly business out of the advertising of electric car parts. By regulators fewer automatic parts. Combustion.

It turned out to be impractical to use aluminum for large spaces. Because it is difficult to give it complex shapes. In order to achieve complex edges and other shapes, aluminum sheets or rivets have to be joined as the metal is deformed by welding. After injecting the molten aluminum into the casting robot, Tesla can carry out many manufacturing steps.

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