Drone flying inside your home from Amazon
Drone flying inside your home from Amazon

In addition to some automotive products, Amazon has also announced a drone for a homeland security video. This can notify the vehicle owner when an attempted break-in has occurred.

The news reflects Amazon's increased security activity since the acquisition of the Ring Corporation in 2018, an effort that has been vetted by civil liberties advocates.

This new news also represents the company's latest attempt to break into the homes of shoppers, as it began with a parcel delivery problem a few years ago and has been supplemented with tools to help consumers self-control. Light up or play media via voice commands.

This Amazon drone, called the "Ring Always Home Cam", will be available next year and will be priced at $ 250. The goal is to record videos because clients do not have a fixed camera.

If the alarm goes off, the drone can show users a real-time video, Amazon Vice President Daniel Ross said.

In an interview, he said that being able to see landscapes at home is very convenient because the drone can only record videos in flight.

The drone can automatically fly to a specific location in your home according to the preset path and video stream to your smartphone. The user can set the path of the drone via the smartphone app.

If the drone detects movement somewhere in your home, it can fly to that location on its own and record videos of what is happening.

Always Home Cam is a drone that can fly around the house and allow you to see any room you want when you are not home. When the flight is complete, it will return to its platform to recharge the battery.

The company also announced an on-board device that alarms when an intrusion or collision is detected.

The company launched a Vehicle Security Camera and Ring Car Connect software that is used in conjunction with other vehicle cameras to trigger video and alarms. Tesla will be the first automaker to match its model.

The bell has been criticized by civil liberties advocates such as the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), under which the company should end its partnership with the police.

EFF employees wrote in a blog post in June that Amazon and other companies are introducing a high-speed digital mechanism that allows people to know who owns and who do not, and call the police to take care of them.

Ring President Leila Rouhi said in an interview that the company will not take the initiative to share videos with law enforcement agencies. Users can control what they want to share. The goal of the business is to give people peace of mind.

Amazon also announced a cloud-based gaming service called Luna, Echo Speakers, and Aleska voice assistant features such as: B. Ability to delete all previous recordings.

Various subscriptions can help Amazon monetize products.

When these new devices hit the market, Amazon is trying to keep its share of smart home speakers in the US market in an effort to outrun its competitors Apple and Google.

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