ESYWEN Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars
Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars

ESYWEN Car GPS Tracker, Real Time Mini Car GPS Tracker, Magnetic Car GPS Tracker with Waterproof 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

Why buy an automatic tracking device?
Check if your car has been stolen. When a car is stolen, it is difficult to track. Most cars have license plates that have been changed or removed to avoid tripping. GPS vehicle tracking system can locate the location of vehicle theft so that you can access the property.

Follow the lead of family members. If your teen is learning to drive or your older parent wants to remain independent, having a GPS in his car can be a great way to monitor his safety. You can ensure that not all family members are put in places where they should not be.

 Protect your family while driving. The GPS tracking function in the car has an SOS button. Once activated, emergency services are triggered so their location can be quickly tracked.

[The 4G LTE real time tracker can be used in conjunction with Google Maps. This mini car GPS provides real-time tracking of any location in the United States through GPS tracking app for computer, tablet or mobile phone. With 4G LTE, the tracking vehicle can provide fast and accurate positioning technology. Vehicles, valuables and loved ones can really be protected. You can program your vehicle GPS tracker to receive regular updates.

ESYWEN Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars
Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars

  • Battery life is 15 days, even with real-time vehicle tracking, battery life is 15 days. You can also check GPS tracker battery in phone app to know when GPS tracker should be left in the vehicle at all times and when is the right time to charge the hidden GPS tracker. Ensure that your GPS tracker is up and running 24/7, especially in emergencies.
  • [Compact, anti-magnet and waterproof design This car GPS tracker is only one thickness, which makes it small and compact and can be placed anywhere in your car. Besides the magnetic and waterproof design, you can also place the GPS vehicle tracker under the car seat or stealthily on the underside of the car to track movement remotely.
  • [Alarms, monitoring and smart notifications The biggest difference in this automatic GPS vehicle tracker is that you can instantly get an alarm from dark to light condition. You can receive real-time notifications when the vehicle plotter crosses the geofence. Receive SOS and speed alerts and send notifications of tracker movements via app notifications.
  • Affordable Subscription and Free Customer Service] 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker. The vehicle tracker must use the cellular network for data connection. Months: $ 12.99 Three months: $ 26.99 Six months: $ 49.99 Up to 12 months: $ 89.99 Log in to this site to upload your cellular data to: x-gps-tracker. Com. There are no contracts or activation fees. It comes with a SIM card. Provided support for a year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us so we can provide you with the best possible support!

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