Review BARTUN GPS Pet Cat Dog Tracking
BARTUN GPS Pet Cat Dog Tracking

BARTUN GPS Animal Tracker, unlimited collection of cat and dog trackers

  • Subscription required - Please activate it after receiving the SIM card. This SIM card offers two service options: USA network service with a $ 4 monthly fee. The service includes: 50 minutes of calls / 40 messages / 60 MB. 2- International network service: the monthly price is $ 9. The service includes: 15 minutes calls / 40 text messages / 60 MB, you can choose the service when the SIM card is activated
  • Real-time tracking: Based on current GPS + LBS + AGPS network and GPS satellites, it can locate and monitor remote destinations via SMS, apps and internet, and display location information accurately (location accuracy is up to 5 meters). Support Android website and iOS computer
  • Global Localization: The BARTUN FP03 GPS dog collar accessory has been used in more than 150 countries. Manage all functions and access animal location via free Future GPS app or in any BARTUN navigator without scope
  • Compact Size and Small Collar: Important things to know about standard pet tracker collars only apply to pets under 28 pounds. You may be able to use your own collar, but the collar should be less than 0.8 inch wide. Collar Size Maximum: 14 inches, Minimum Collar Size 9 inches
  • IP67 Waterproof: Pet GPS Tracker is equipped with IP67 waterproof and shockproof capabilities which is strong enough to accompany all your pets on their adventures (New applications required for Android phones of 10th generation and above. Please apply email: and we will direct you to use the application method New.

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