Facebook censorship board confirms its launch before the US elections
Facebook censorship board confirms its launch before the US elections

The long-awaited review board confirmed that Facebook plans to launch before the US general election on November 3 and has been criticized for not taking any action in advance.

The social media giant, with more than 2.7 billion monthly users, is trying to remove offensive images after being criticized for not fighting hate speech, cyberbullying and other content that violates "community standards" hat on the side and video.

The Service Supervision Board is an appeals body through which users can appeal company decisions regarding controversial content. "The board's decision will be binding, even if neither I nor anyone else on Facebook agree," Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg), the company's CEO, said in a statement. September 2019.

A spokesperson for CNBC's Independent Review Committee, after accepting the FT's report, said he hoped the board would begin its work by mid-October to the end of October.

"We are currently testing the newly released technical system that will allow users to appeal and the Case Review Committee. Assuming these tests are going as planned, we hope to appeal to users by mid-October to late October," the spokesperson said. "Establishing a comprehensive, principled and effective global process takes time and our members are working hard to achieve this. Start as soon as possible," the spokesman added.

As the owner of the largest social media network in the world, Facebook has been under pressure to show its willingness to face the most polarized US election in recent history. Experts fear that some of the platform's users are trying to incite violence.

The Board of Directors receives cases via a content management system connected to Facebook's proprietary system. Before you decide to keep or remove the content, we'll discuss the issue together.

Facebook announced the creation of an independent board of directors in November 2018. The move came shortly after the New York Times published a report detailing how the company has avoided, and delegated responsibility for, Russian interference in US politics and other internet violations. To answer. Social.

Facebook said at the time: Board members are a globally diverse group made up of lawyers, journalists, human rights activists, and other scholars. You will have experience in the following areas: digital rights, freedom of religion, rights disputes, content change, internet censorship, and civil rights.

Removing the review panel for questionable content can help Facebook avoid allegations of bias. Some lawmakers and Conservative Party spokesmen said Facebook examined conservative political views and the company rejected the accusations.

Facebook pledged $ 130 million to its board of directors in December of last year to cover operating costs for at least six years. The board will receive compensation in due course but has not disclosed the posts it will receive from Facebook.

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