Work better at home with new tools from Google
Work better at home with new tools from Google

With so many people working from home now - or all the time - you need to be more creative in managing your time and space, the tools you need to make it more efficient, and it will do more for you. He spends time on important things. Google System - They want to remind you of the various tools that can help you achieve work-life balance even if you work and live in the same place.

You can perform some preset Google Assistant actions to remind yourself of the normal things to do every day, such as: b. Rest, drinking water, etc.

Google launches a new weekly routine to help you deal with things big and small. For example, you receive a reminder from Google Assistant at 10 AM, walk around 2 PM, drink water at 3 PM, and close your business plan at 4:45 PM; Because the assistant tells you regularly when to check your calendar and keep track of your meetings.

You can also use Google Assistant to create to-do lists and reminders by entering voice commands. Example: Hey Google, get ready for tomorrow's meeting. You can also set up regular reminders, ask Google for the schedule for the day at any time, or check your to-do list anytime.

You can also ask Google to remind you of any important, random, and trivial information, for example: Hey Google, remind me how to watch Enola on Netflix this weekend, or Hey Google, remind me of my birthday. Boyfriend is number 30 every month. Of course, if you want, you can ask your assistant to start a Google Meet meeting or conference call. If you like Zoom, you can link it to your account later this year as well.

You can also use Google Assistant voice commands to practice mindfulness, like for example, you can mute your phone or other device with the help of the assistant that may arouse you while you are working. In addition, Google is enabling Smart Connected Light (Smart Sleep and Wake), which allows you to gradually relax at night and wake up in the morning without suddenly disrupting your sleep pattern.

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