Facebook critics launch a rival supervisory board
Facebook critics launch a rival supervisory board

Facebook's critics, including architects who have targeted a boycott of the company's ad campaigns, launched a competitive review panel last Friday to examine the company's content management practices.

The new group is called "Real Facebook Guard". Its early members include leaders of three American civil rights organizations, the former president of Estonia and the former head of Integrity. Election campaign on Facebook.

This announcement came on the second day of the censorship committee (officially approved on Facebook), i. H. It was announced that it would operate from mid-October to the end of October of that year. Then, after the deadline was extended by about a year.

The delay means that the official Facebook-funded board of directors is unlikely to consider issues related to the US elections on November 3, which raised some of the most contentious issues facing the largest social networks in the world. . the problem.

The competition commission plans to ramp up the pace. He said in a statement: It will hold its first open meeting next week and will focus directly on election issues, including voter suppression, election security and fake news.

Board member Roger McNamee, one of the company's early investors, slammed its chairman for his handling of the misuse of the platform in the 2016 election, saying the company was "responding". Criticism through malicious words and cosmetics. ”He added,“ The true supervisory agency will act as a supervisor and assist policy-makers and consumers. ”

According to a statement, members of (the real Facebook censorship agency) plan to broadcast their meetings on a weekly Facebook Live program.

The organization said it has received funding from Luminate, a charity supported by the Omidyar Group, but has not disclosed the amount of those funds. He pointed out that Facebook has allocated about $ 130 million to fund its oversight committee, which announced that it will cover operating costs for at least six years.

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