Twitter plans to provide all users with the capabilities to read Retweet in advance
Twitter plans to provide all users with the capabilities to read Retweet in advance

In June of last year, Twitter began testing a new feature. Its goal is to give users an idea before retweeting articles that they haven't read. Now it is announcing the expansion of this function.

In the previous step, the test feature was limited to Twitter users who use English on Android, and in this case (if the user decides to retweet an article before reading, the website app will prompt him to do so first open the article and then continue.)

The site then said, "Shared articles can create conversations between users, so you may need to read them before posting to Twitter." He added, "To encourage informed discussion, we are testing Twitter. New claim If you re-post an article that you did not open on Twitter, you may be asked to open it first."

Twitter said in a tweet on Thursday: After publishing, the number of users currently reading the article has reached 40%, while the number of users who opened the article before retweeting is about 33%. He also said: Some users republish the article after reading it.

As for the next step, the site said in another tweet: After the instructions are shown for the first time, the instructions will be smaller, and work is also underway to expand this function for users around the world.

This feature is the latest feature in Twitter designed to reduce misinformation and encourage meaningful discussions on the platform. Earlier last month, the site launched a new feature that allows users to control who can respond to their tweets, such as: B: Restrict everyone, their followers, or whoever mentions them in their tweets.

In the past few months, the site has also introduced other features such as: b. The ability to hide specific responses to Tweets. We are also testing a clearer user interface for thread conversations on its platform.

It should be noted that Twitter began testing the direct voicemail feature, which allows users to record voicemail messages and send them via direct messages to their friends and families on the platform, similar to what is found with the features found on Facebook and Instagram.

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