Facebook has removed restrictions on textual content from advertising images
Facebook has removed restrictions on textual content from advertising images

According to the reports, Facebook is lifting restrictions on ad copy content, which should contain more than 20% of the main image text. This update is very important for advertisers.

Social media expert (Matt Navarra) said that Facebook is contacting advertisers directly to inform them of the current situation, as the company said: "We will no longer penalize ads that contain large amounts of text in auctions and delivery."

Facebook is currently updating its documentation to reflect this update in the text of the ad image on Facebook's help page.

The rule used prior to this update was, "To provide a better experience for viewers and advertisers, ads on Facebook, Instagram and (Audience Network) are examined by the amount of image text." Used in advertisements. Comments, ads with a high percentage of text in the image may not display. Note, however, that some promotional images may be exceptions, for example B: The exception applies to book covers and book covers. Albums and product photos.

Even Facebook has a Text Overlay tool that can be used to verify that your ads meet text boundaries. The company is no longer using this tool as the company tries to loosen restrictions on advertising images.

Facebook's long-standing text restrictions on ad images caused major problems for many advertisers and required extensive and specific reformatting of ad images. In order to comply with advertising rules, the application process in this field is sometimes flawed, so many people are glad that these restrictions have been lifted.

Why does Facebook have restrictions on copying ads?

The company has found over the years that Facebook and Instagram users hate ads with a lot of text in the main image. Hence, it seems to have combined them together to improve the overall user experience. However, the ad copy rules changed in 2018 to allow marketers to include more copies in their ads. As a result, the supply coverage is limited depending on the limit exceeded.

With the new update, all access restrictions are lifted. This means that ads with more than 20% text will be shown in the main image, and as usual, they will attract the same number of people as all other ads on the platform.

As you can see from the official description, Facebook still reports that ads with less than 20% text work better. Advertisers and Facebook recommend keeping text short, clear, and concise in order to effectively communicate your message.

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