Volkswagen ID 4 opens a new front for Tesla
Volkswagen ID 4 opens a new front for Tesla

Volkswagen announced its ID 4 pricing strategy on Wednesday, which aims to compete with Tesla and other automakers.

Compared to the Tesla Model Y, which offers more than 483 kilometers, ID 4 has fewer miles.

Volkswagen hopes to fill that gap by offering the ID 4 at a cheaper price than the Tesla Model Y.

Customers can take advantage of federal and state grants for electric cars for which Tesla is no longer eligible.

According to Volkswagen, the ID 4 starts at $ 39,995. Once the company begins manufacturing in the United States in 2022, it will reduce the price by about $ 5,000.

By comparison, the Tesla Model Y is about $ 49,990, the Model X is $ 79,990, and the cheapest Tesla (Model 3) is $ 37,990. Dollars.

The CEO of Tesla said his goal is to make an electric car worth $ 25,000 in three years.

The Identity Series is part of the Volkswagen brand's ambitious plan to produce 1.5 million electric cars annually by 2025.

(ID 4) The goal in the US market is to re-list Volkswagen on consumer shopping lists after the brand's diesel emissions fraud scandal.

Scott Q, president of Volkswagen, told Reuters: The ID 4 will be the first electric SUV, and it will cost about $ 35,000.

In addition to three years of free delivery via the Electrify America network, Volkswagen dealers can also deliver the ID 4 for less than the Model Y sedan from Tesla.

With the release of the ID 4, Volkswagen dealerships are also being tested in the US as automakers are urging them to invest in charging stations and other infrastructure and try to build capacity to sell electric cars online.

Identification Number 4 is the company's first electric SUV. It was called (ID Crozz) when it was a concept car at the time. It was the second electric vehicle (ID) to be sold by the Volkswagen Group in the United States. dare. China and Europe.

Porsche Volkswagen recently launched its first all-electric sports car, the Taycan. Entering the identity vehicle family wouldn't be the German company's first foray into battery-powered engines.

The E-Tron, the Volkswagen Group's first battery-powered SUV, made its debut in 2018.

These cars pioneered Volkswagen's dominance in the emerging electric vehicle market.

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