Facebook is asked to stop sending European data to America
Facebook is asked to stop sending European data to America

According to the Irish Data Protection Commission, Facebook said on Wednesday that the company's main data transfer mechanism from the European Union to the United States cannot be used for such transfers.

The US social media giant said on a blog that the European Court of Justice has ruled that the Model Contractual Clause (SCC) mechanism will come into effect in July.

She added: "We will continue to provide data in accordance with the recent ruling of the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) until we receive further directives."

Facebook said: The Irish Data Protection Committee (DPC) has investigated Facebook's transmission of controlled data between the European Union and the United States and recommended that in practice the standard contractual clause mechanism for data transmission between the European Union and the United States is not used.

The Wall Street Journal reports: The European Commission has temporarily ordered Facebook to suspend the transfer of user data from the European Union to the United States.

The transatlantic controversy stems from the European Union's concerns that the European Union's monitoring system may violate the data protection rights of EU citizens if they send their personal data to the United States. United for commercial purposes.

Facebook said: While the committee's approach is more procedural, using the method can have profound implications for companies that rely on standard contractual terms and online services that do so. Many people and companies depend on one another.

The European Supreme Court ruled in July that due to concerns about US surveillance, a major transatlantic data transfer agreement between Brussels and Washington (known as the Privacy Shield) had replaced the safe haven and was invalid.

However, the rulers have retained the effectiveness of the transmission mechanism known as the Standard Contractual Clauses, which is used by thousands of companies to transfer data from Europeans around the world to provide everything from cloud infrastructure to hosting. Data, Payroll, Finance and Marketing. Marketing services.

However, the court indicated that the data protection officer should suspend or prohibit the transmission of data abroad if data protection in other countries / regions cannot be guaranteed under the EU Standard Contractual Clause Mechanism.

Facebook said it was working with a European Commission data protection task force to determine its position on international data transfers, which is looking at how the European Court of Justice ruling will be implemented. .

"The lack of secure and legal international data transmission will hurt the European Union economy and impede the growth of data-driven business. This means that European technology companies, hospitals and universities cannot use cloud service providers in the United States or outside the European Union. Contact Center." The impact is not limited to the corporate sector, but can also affect key public services such as health and education.

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