Tiles display $ 1000 on lost item
Tiles display $ 1000 on lost item

Tile, the company that tracks your items with trackers, launched a new premium subscription called Premium Protect this fall that allows people to claim compensation for lost items.

The plan charges $ 99.99 annually and includes all of its premium membership perks, including free battery changes and a 30-day location history, plus a payment of up to $ 1,000 for lost items.

And (Premium) is the original plan, which can still be used for $ 29.99 a year or $ 2.99 a month.

Premium Protect members can save most items as compensation, while Tile works with a company called Cover Genius to track and approve lost item requests.

The company has listed some exceptions, such as: b- Antiques, commercial papers, drones, pets, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and firearms.

To register the item, you need to upload its image and name. If (tiles) don't find item within 7 days, you can file a complaint.

At this point, it checks (tile) whether the member has subscribed to the service for at least 30 days and whether the battery is available in their tracker.

It may take three to five days for the application to be approved and payment to be received.

With this plan, Tile is clearly trying to express its belief in the reliability of its network, which relies not only on the physical trackers that people attach to their items, but also on the devices that directly support them. Tiles.

The company had previously announced an integrated support partnership with (Bose), (Anker) and (Sennheiser). Although (Tile) dominates the field of Bluetooth tracking, rumors have circulated that Apple has been trying to enter this market for several months. AirTag can be used.

Compared to all of the Apple products below, Tile's insurance plan can help spot this.

For example, suppose Apple (AirTags) use the latest iPhone and (U1 Ultra-Broadband) sensors used in the next generation of iPhone instead of Bluetooth, and the technology can improve distance and more accurately track the accuracy of traditional Bluetooth trackers.

CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, said, "In addition to products that incorporate Tile in an integrated manner, element compensation will also be applied to products that have been tile laid on."

When asked about Apple AirTag, Proper added, “Our products are suitable for everyone. We will not force customers to choose a platform, but we will enjoy our products on all platforms. We will interact with it. Android, Apple, etc. People want to use the platforms together to see what is missing. We welcome the competition as long as That there is an equal field. "

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