Facebook wants to make the default Messenger app on iOS
Facebook wants to make the default Messenger app on iOS

Facebook has been asking Apple for years that users can change the default messaging app on iOS.

According to a new report, Facebook wants Apple to provide an option to make Messenger the default (iOS) messaging app.

Apple running iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 accepted the long-term customer request and offered the option to change the default app for browsing the web and managing emails.

The included Apple software also includes many other types of apps like messaging, music, calendar, etc.

Facebook doesn't seem to like this change. Facebook urges Apple to allow users to choose their favorite messaging apps.

"We think people should be able to choose different messaging apps and default apps on their phones," said Stan Chudnowski, Director of Facebook Messenger.

According to Chudnovsky, Facebook has asked Apple several times over the years to make third-party apps the default messaging app for iOS, and Apple's response has been denied.

When asked why Apple's position remains the same, Chudnovsky said: The main assumption is that the messaging has increased hardware sales.

This may be true because Apple's iMessage platform and the features it provides iPhone owners - voicemail messages, reading messages, replying and writing cursors, stickers, message effects - are the right factors that drive people to buy and stay with iPhones.

Encryption of the messaging platform (iMessage) is also a cornerstone of the company's consumer protection plan.

MacRumors said: For other apps to replace the News app, major changes are needed to iOS that is not currently possible. Because the system does not allow third-party applications to receive messages (SMS) sent to the iPhone phone number.

This method is unlike any other messaging developer on the Apple platform, Chudnovsky said. If Apple were to use the Android method, we could compete more fairly with the mainstream iOS. .

In recent months, Facebook managers have increasingly criticized Apple. In addition to in-app purchases, it also includes restrictions that iPhone manufacturers place on gaming apps and targeted ads.

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