The global average price of smartphones has increased as the report shows
The global average price of smartphones has increased as the report shows

The latest report from market research firm Counterpoint Research shows the average retail price of smartphones in major global markets.

The main markets covered in this report are North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific countries, and China. According to the report, the average selling price of cell phones has increased in all markets except for Latin America.

The largest increase in average sales prices was in China, where the current average selling price for smartphones is $ 310. Meanwhile, the average sales price in North America (at the same time last year) was $ 471, a 7% increase over the same period last year. The average sales price in the North American wireless market is the highest of any other market. Meanwhile, the report reflects a 5% drop in the median retail price of $ 166 per year.

The price increase is due to the fact that despite the decline in global cell phone sales, global cell phone sales are still good, dropping only 8% year on year. Note that the global smartphone market is down 23% year-on-year. Sales of high-end smartphones have not decreased due to increased reliance on entertainment, productivity and communications, while smartphones have increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic during lockdown times. The demand for iPhone from Apple is still strong.

According to the report, the introduction of 5G-enabled phones adds flexibility to advanced telephony. In the second quarter, 10% of global smartphone shipments were 5G-enabled devices, accounting for 20% of total sales.

Apple achieved most of its smartphone sales in the second quarter, with a market return of 34%. Meanwhile, Huawei ranked second with 20% of sales, followed by Samsung which ranked second with only 17% of global smartphone sales in the same period. Vivo and Oppo account for 7% and 6% of sales respectively.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that Huawei and its honorary brands have outperformed Samsung in terms of shipping and sales. It even has a serious impact on the US ban on Huawei in markets outside of China.

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