Fortnite Maker ensures that players can log into Apple accounts
Fortnite Maker ensures that players can log into Apple accounts

According to Epic Games, the developer of the popular Fortnite game, Apple has made an "unspecified extension" available for users that can use to log into the game through Apple's login system.

The spat between Apple and Epic Games began on August 13 when Epic Games released a version of the game ("Fortnite") on the App Store that included an option without paying Apple's usual 30% commission. . In-game content financing: Apple removed the app from the App Store and Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple today.

On August 28, the company suspended Epic Games developer accounts, escalating the battle and preventing the company from building new apps or updating games (Fortnite) on the Apple platform.

Epic Games announced Wednesday that, starting Friday, players will no longer be able to log into the game with Apple credentials. However, the company warned players that if Apple removed the sign-in option, they would have to create their own accounts.

"The lawsuit against Epic Games is nothing more than a fundamental financial dispute," Apple said in a document filed in Northern District Court in California earlier this week. "Although Epic Games is pretending to be a young company (Robin Hood), it's actually a billion-dollar organization and they don't want to pay for the enormous value they get from the App Store," she added.

The company has asked the court to hold Epic Games responsible for breaches of contract and other costs and tries to recover all payments collected through the payment system (Fortnite) and a permanent court order prohibiting the use of external payment mechanisms in all applications, including games. (Fourteen days).

Epic Games has argued that iPhone manufacturers are removing competition from the open market and demanding a court order to return Fortnite to the App Store and restore its developer account. The current hearing is scheduled for the end of this month, but these dates are subject to change.

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