Google wants to prevent a quick victory in the US election
Google wants to prevent a quick victory in the US election

Google said Thursday it will remove searches that "could be construed as support or rejection of claims by a candidate or political party" in the US presidential election on November 3 to automatically complete the predictions.

The US tech giant said on its blog: In addition to election legality, data on voting methods and the state of voting places, including election security, will also be removed.

Google's autocomplete feature suggests searches based on what the user has typed in the search box on Chrome or

"We want to be very careful with that prediction," David Graf, Google's head of trust and security, told reporters by phone before Thursday's announcement. "In this election, people will have strong opinions. Given the situation with Covid-19 and Covid-19, the electoral changes will be more conservative in terms of investigation," he added.

The policy update comes as Google and other companies (such as Facebook and Twitter) prepare to reduce misinformation about the presidential election.

The company provides examples of prohibiting the use of the term, such as: B- Predictions that state "contributions to a political party or candidate" or predictions that "you cannot vote over the phone." Like "You can vote over the phone."

Google Vice President of Engineering (Cathy Edwards) said, "This is unprecedented - the scale of the information challenge, especially COVID." "We don't want to change our policy on election day. This is definitely our goal."

The company said it has an "intelligence office," a global team of analysts who monitor current events around the clock. The same office is monitoring allegations of treatment (Covid-19). Google said: The organization will closely monitor the election day to prevent the election results from appearing too early.

Twitter said today, Thursday: It will inform or remove misinformation aimed at undermining confidence in the US elections, including: posts calling for victory before results are approved or inciting illegal measures to prevent the results from being peacefully transmitted to performance.

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