Fundo by Google makes monetizing video events
Fundo by Google makes monetizing video events

Google has announced a video event service called Fundo that can be used by content producers and small businesses to make money from events. Content producers can find events, set event dates, and sell tickets.

Fundo is an online service that allows content creators to host paid virtual events, sell tickets for special events, and not have to download apps or software as everything is done on the website. Service network.

The service has grown from limited testing to a complete product that anyone can use starting today.

Fundo was developed by Google Area 120 incubator in a limited beta version to hundreds of trustworthy testers last summer. Now everyone can use the service.

Fundo was originally a virtual photo booth-style service where fans could wait in a digital queue, chat briefly with celebrities or content producers, and take pictures with them, like a welcome reunion in real life. .

By integrating with video streaming, payment processing and hosting capabilities, the service gives creators an easy way to host such events to make a 20% profit from Google.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the notion has grown that content creators provide an easy way to deliver valuable online paid events, and this pandemic has forced many new people online.

Google has expanded its virtual business to include content such as sports lessons, cooking lessons, and workshops.

With Fundo, up to 30 users can be viewed on screen at the same time, making small events an alternative to large digital seminars or concerts that can accommodate hundreds of people.

With a private video chat system, everything can be done directly through the (Fundo) website.

In addition to the larger version, users can now search for events on the service website and complete individual scheduled calls with the originator.

Google Ads promotes the three types of events that creators can host through the service: chats, photos, meetings, and seminars.

Fundo Ads recommends the following demographics: In addition to YouTube content creators and their fans, it also shows authors, sports coaches, business and lifestyle consultants, and other people using the service to find new ways to communicate.

Google said: Uninvited guests cannot be asked to deactivate Fundo events, as by issuing event tickets, everyone can only participate in one ticket and the service scans tickets for everyone. Worldwide, there is no risk for uninvited guests, and there is also a reporting function to curb abuse.

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