The new design could improve roles on Instagram
The new design could improve roles on Instagram

Instagram is testing a new design to make changes to the app's navigation bar to make it easier to shop, and (Reels), a feature designed to compete with TikTok.

Instagram President Adam Mosseri (Adam Mosseri) said on his official Twitter account: The company has begun testing the design of the new app.

The new horizontal menu design includes adding two new tabs that can replace existing icons or expand the work area.

The new tags will be two features Instagram will be investing a lot of time into in 2020.

It's worth noting that the format change made Reels (product released globally in August) a cornerstone of the platform.

The new Reels feature aims to be a hit with TikTok's short video format. It offers users music and mixed clips from Tik Tok, which are usually copied directly from Tik Tok.

A recent survey by content company (Whistle) found that 87% of TikTok users said the roles are basically the same as Tik Tok.

At the same time, the (Shopping) tab is the main base of the app's e-commerce functionality, which allows brands and companies to sell products with their personal data and allows users to buy products directly. From the application.

While these shopping features have been around since 2018, Instagram relaxed shopping restrictions in July. Any user with a professional account or any content creator can turn their profile into a profitable niche.

After adding the shopping function to the home page, the platform can focus more on attempts to attract retail businesses, thus leveraging the rich industry of influencers selling goods, artwork, and other products on the platform.

However, with attention to (the reels) come the threats and discussions about the future of Tik Tok in the United States.

Although the app is not banned in the United States, the app faces potential buyers and a potential disruption to selling the algorithm for the app's "for you" dream page.

An Instagram spokesperson said: The platform will test these changes for some people in our community in the coming weeks.

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