Google is launching a range of conference room devices
Google is launching a range of conference room devices

Google today (Tuesday) launched a series of devices called Series One designed to work together to provide the best video conferencing environment with Google Meet.

As the outbreak of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) and COVID-19 continues forcing people around the world to work and study from home, Google is advancing in the face of the massive demand for video conferencing services. Consistently this goal. However, the new materials will be used in conference rooms, not in private homes.

The new line of legacy devices, developed by Google but manufactured in partnership with Lenovo, contains many different parts. There is a 12MP smart camera and another 20.3MP smart camera used in a larger conference room. Google said: These devices can use the meeting recognition frame automatically without shaking, tilting, zooming in and out and discovering the number of people in a room without using face recognition technology. All of these operations are performed digitally.

There are also smart speakers that include a 2.5-inch tweeter, 1-inch tweeter, and eight microphones. Google said: It can handle up to 44 audio channels at the same time. The company also said: The company's technology called TrueVoice can improve the human voice and filter out noise such as handwriting and fast food bags.

All devices are based on Meet Compute, which is based on Chrome OS. On the Verge Technology website, the company was quoted as follows: The computer system and the smart speaker have two processing units (Google Edge Tensor TPU) for processing video and audio.

According to Series 1, users can also control the meeting with a rechargeable remote control or a 10.1 inch touch screen. Both support Google Assistant to control hands-free meetings.

It should be noted that this is not the first conference room device developed for Google Meet, as ASUS launched a new Google Meet device for meeting rooms last May.

The advantage of Series 1 devices, however, is that Google designed the functionality fully. So some features seem easy to use, for example: the smart speaker noise reduction and the smart camera auto viewfinder function.

According to reports, the new Google device offers three options. The first: a small computer room kit with smart cameras, smart audio tapes, computer systems, and controllers is priced at $ 2,699, and the second: a medium-sized computer room kit is $ 2,999 and $ 3,999 for the large suite. Google said: These options will be launched soon.

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