Samsung announces new sensors to improve the camera bump
Samsung announces new sensors to improve the camera bump

Samsung today (Tuesday) unveiled a set of new sensors for a smaller group of ISOCELL smartphones designed to reduce the required space in the device and remove the personal files that come with the rear view camera.

The South Korean company said in a statement that it had succeeded in reducing the size of the popular Samsung ISOCELL sensor by 15% compared to the previous generation.

The 108-megapixel ISOCELL sensor used in my cell phone (Galaxy S20 Ultra) and (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) provides a tiny pixel of no more than 0.8μm. With the new sensor, the pixel size does not exceed 0.7 μm.

From a purely photographic point of view, small pixels in a sensor generally reduce a sensor's ability to collect light. This usually means poor performance in low light and increases the risk of image distortion. Generally speaking, larger pixels are better.

However, Samsung has managed to reduce the massive size of the rear camera, which will cause the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra to suffer greatly. According to Samsung, the new ISOCELL sensor is 15% smaller than competing sensors that use 0.8 micron pixels and have the same resolution. Complex height reduced by 10%.

The new sensor product line includes: ISOCELL HM2, ISOCELL GW3, ISOCELL GM5, and ISOCELL JD1. Samsung's third ISOCELL HM2 sensor has 108 megapixels. Supports 9 pixel blending technology and 3x zoom technology without reducing the resolution. It also supports auto focus with improved phase detection.

The ISOCELL GW3 sensor has 64 megapixels and supports (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology and 4K video recording at 60 fps. The 48MP ISOCELL GM5 sensor is used for ultra-wide angle photography with 5x binoculars zoom. ISOCELL JD1 sensor has a resolution of 32MP, ideal for use as a punch-hole front camera.

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