Google Maps helps you know the extent of Corona in your area
Google Maps helps you know the extent of Corona in your area

Google announced a new feature in Google Maps. Google is adding another tool to help us stay safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. This feature shows coronavirus infection in an area where case information (COVID-19) is presented.

To check its functionality, just install Google Maps and click on the "Layer" button in the upper right corner. Then click on the information "Coronavirus (COVID-19)" and note that the punishment function will be rolled out gradually, and made available gradually.

This new layer of information shows new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) for every 100,000 people in the area that you visit for an average of 7 days, and the poster shows whether the case is on the rise or declining. In addition, areas with many new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) are shown in red compared to neighboring areas.

Google said: This new feature will be visible all over the world, me. H. In 220 countries / territories Google Maps can be used and whether or not it is available to the world's most accurate partners. New jobs such as state, county and municipal issues.

Google said: The data used in the new information layer comes from a number of reliable sources, including (Johns Hopkins), (The New York Times) and (Wikipedia), which in turn obtain data from the Ministry of World Health and the State Department of Health. And local health institutions and hospitals.

In many cities, Google uses a color coding system to show current traffic levels: green for light traffic, yellow for moderate traffic, orange for heavy traffic, and red. You can see the road conditions on the automatically planned lanes when arriving at a specified destination drive. This color code does not extend into the streets of your paths.

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