How well does Samsung's S Pen work?
How well does Samsung's S Pen work?

In addition to being a great phone, the Galaxy Note is Samsung's favorite because it always comes with the best hardware and software the company has to offer, and the Galaxy Note 20 is no exception to the Samsung Note lineup that comes with a smart S Pen.

We have to forget the idea that no one wants to use a pen because it is clearly a mistake because many users want to use a pen on their device. We've seen Microsoft devices since Microsoft came out. Apple and Google Some S Pen are included in the main package. On mobile phones, you can use the S Pen to take notes, annotate presentations, or create doodles.

If you've never used the S-Pen before you thought you were using a stylus available on Amazon, you're totally wrong. The S Pen is very cool. It's not the same as drawing on paper or pencil, but it's pretty close. This is because the S Pen is fully integrated into the Galaxy Note, not just an add-on.

The regular pen you buy is a capacitive input device. The phone screen is made of an insulator (glass in most cases) and it can also be used as a hard outer surface. The insulator is covered with a transparent electrical conductor. Your finger is also conductive to a regular pen, and its electrostatic field changes when you touch the screen. The phone's processor and operating system capture this data and convert it with a single click, long press, swipe, or whatever you do with your finger or pen.

The S Pen is a type of sensor pen, as the phone's touch screen has an active digital reflector under the glass. When the SPen is near the screen, the magnetic field of the active digital sensor induces current to operate its internal circuit. . Energy is provided here as a wireless charging mechanism.

When the S Pen is on, its little inner circles do a lot of work when writing or drawing as the scanning plane of the phone has only one function and follows where the S Pen's head is. The pen and stylus should not touch the screen. Complete this process. Important because touch prompts the program to write or draw on the screen. The screen also knows where to touch the pen and tracks its movement. The pen itself tells the program that it drew a line, so the program drew a line on the screen and you can see what was drawn or written.

For this reason, the S Pen, Apple Pencil, Pixel Pen, or Surface Pen will perform much better than regular pens.

Note 9 brings new functions to the S Pen by pairing it with a Bluetooth pen. These benefits carry over to the Note 20, where the side buttons allow you to take photos, make slideshows, or read the stuff that the developers dream about. However, it does not change or affect the SPen Pen's on-screen functionality. It will only get better.

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