The upcoming iPhone 12 will be available on October 13th
The upcoming iPhone 12 will be available on October 13th

According to a new report from (AppleInsider), Apple iPhone 12 will launch on October 13th, and emergency or pre-orders will start on October 16.

The report said: Apple is expected to host a second special event in the near future, but it is not clear when it will take place. Pre-orders will begin on Friday, October 16th.

As noted by Amnesty International, there is no concrete evidence of this date, but John Prosser mentioned a very similar time frame to this date in the August rumors.

The iPhone 12 event is believed to take place in the week of October 12th. IPhone 12 emergency orders will be available in the same week, with shipping to begin around October 19.

Although John Prosser said that all iPhones could be revealed at the event, urgent orders and deliveries will be in November without specifying a specific date.

The AI ​​report does not distinguish the emergency call time from the iPhone 12 Pro model. Hence, it is not clear if these leaks only indicate an urgent demand on the iPhone 12 or the entire series.

Notably, British operator EE has informed its employees that Apple's iPhone 5G is still days away from a letter from Eddy Cue, Apple's service manager.

The iPhone 12 series has not been seen in Apple events in a while. This is our expectation. Some followers suddenly hold their breath to learn more about the upcoming iPhone series, but the current situation shows that we will see the next Apple launch in the October phone series.

But can new products revealed at a recent Apple event tell us about upcoming Apple phones? Yes, there are a lot of new features and interesting changes to the device that can provide us with some indications as we have concluded based on our knowledge of the new iPad, Apple Watch and new predictions for the upcoming iPhone. Service subscriptions.

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