Leaked source code for Windows XP from Microsoft
Leaked source code for Windows XP from Microsoft

In addition to other Microsoft operating systems, the source code for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (Windows Server 2003) are also available on the Internet.

The OS source code was published online as a 42.9 GB torrent file on 4chan, a board that posted anonymous messages online. Trolls and extreme groups often use the accident.

The contents of the initial file contain the source code for many older Microsoft operating systems, such as: Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.5 and 4, Windows XP and Windows Service 2003.

These files also contain the source code for the first Xbox (Xbox) console operating system, and the source code for many components of MS-DOS versions 3.30 and 6, and Windows 10.

Although Microsoft did not confirm the leak, some Windows experts who analyzed the file said the file was correct, but they also played down the importance of the leak.

It should be noted that many of the files that were leaked this week were leaked a few years ago, and it appears that the leaks are a collection of previous elements. For example, the source code for some Windows 10 components was leaked in 2017, while the (Xbox) and (Windows NT) files were leaked earlier this year.

The only new item that was first released this week is believed to be the OS source code: (Windows XP), (Windows Server 2003) and (Windows 200).

The loser of the new file said: In recent years, many source code packages for the operating system have been privately stored and exchanged between data agents. However, ZDNet informs IT experts that the source code for the OS is not entirely private, it is only private. They also believe that these files were leaked by universities.

It should be noted that Microsoft has granted governments around the world access to their operating system source code for security auditing and providing scholarly research permits for academic teams.

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