Realme announces the world's first SLED TV
Realme announces the world's first SLED TV

Realme announced today (Friday) that the world's first 4K SLED smart TV has the advantage of using the new SLED technology.

The Chinese company said: This new TV is not ready for sale yet, but it will replace TVs with quantum dots or QLED screens.

The new 4K SLED Smart TV has a screen size of 55 inches. Its screen has the advantage of saving 108% of the NTSC spectrum, but it can keep the amount of blue light under control.

The new SLED technology is an advanced version of the well-known liquid crystal LCD technology, which is distinguished by the fact that it contains a white backlight which is then passed through a filter. RGB (filter) to create the three colors that would normally be an image: red, green, and blue. And because it is a kind of LCD technology, it has a polarizer and a liquid crystal layer.

The technology is also different from QLED, which starts with a blue backlight and uses quantum dots that absorb blue light and emit red or green. Then the LCD layer controls the amount of light that passes through each pixel.

The purpose of this technique is not only to obtain red, green and blue light, but also to obtain the best wavelength for each color. This contributes to a wider range and improves the overall image quality.

Realme believes that when compared to QLED technology, SLED is a better way to solve technical issues with LCD. The company seems to want to compete with companies like Samsung and OnePlus that own QLED TVs.

In addition, last Monday, Realme announced its new Realme C17 smartphone, Realme C17, in addition to its Narzo 20 series of Narzo 20 phones.

Realme C17 offers a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels and a refresh rate of 90Hz, and it is protected by Gorilla Glass.

The phone weighs 188 grams and is 8.9 mm thick. It provides 6 GB of working memory (RAM), 128 GB of internal storage and can be expanded using an external microSD memory card (microSD).

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