LG has a virtual showroom at IFA 2020
LG has a virtual showroom at IFA 2020

LG shared its vision of a perfect family through a virtual exhibition at this year's IFA where families can see the new South Korean company at home.

During September, LG's first virtual trade fair presented compelling experience and real-world scenarios and showed how the company can make family life more comfortable and efficient.

Hall 18 at Messe Berlin is titled "Enjoy the Incomparable LG Experience" and provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the company's latest innovations at home as if they were already in Berlin.

After entering the LG online showroom, visitors can sit back and enjoy an organized tour led by a virtual guide or watch a tutorial on using the mini map for navigation.

Visitors can click on the product to try it out or view technical specifications and features.

The virtual space provides an engaging interactive experience where people can freely explore the gallery as it is in a game.

This is possible thanks to the cooperation with the Korean office (Unity Technologies) and the video game company (Unity) Engine.

The engine provides a comprehensive set of software solutions for real-time creation, implementation and monetization of 2D and 3D interactive content for mobile phones, tablets, computers, game platforms, and reality devices, enhanced and virtual.

The most important feature of digital exposure is OLED New Wave. The platform includes a set of flexible screens that provide a stunning display of LG OLED image quality and can afford to engage audiences at (CES) Las Vegas earlier this year in one form. This year.

Visitors can enjoy LG's home entertainment program in the home theater district, where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of LG OLED TV, or immerse themselves in the ultimate gaming environment in the game area.

The company expanded the virtual sports platform to enjoy sports content, while the Lifestyle Zone invites visitors to enjoy the World of Possibilities (OLED).

The Home Entertainment Experience aims to offer the main function of 4S OLED TV. Thanks to virtualization technology, customers can use the detailed lenses to compare LG's self-lighting screens to LCDs using conventional LEDs.

With the help of Meridian Audio technology, visitors can enjoy the rich, three-dimensional sound produced by the company's advanced speakers and headphones.

The virtual showroom has been active throughout the month of September and can be accessed via a browser or the app (LG Virtual Studio) on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

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