PayPal users are exposed to fraud
PayPal users are exposed to fraud

PayPal global online payment service is exposed to billing fraud.

Users have visited Twitter and other forums to post information about receiving a billing request from the World Health Organization (WHO) for COVID-19 or the California Forest Fire Relief Fund.

At first, the presentation of the electronic bill appeared to be a fraudulent attempt, and the subject matter read as follows: "A bill to aid those affected by the California fire."

The text in the email reads: Submit a bill for $ 35 and add a View and Pay button to the email to help those affected by the California fire.

While the offending organization may not always be the WHO, GoDaddy and Direct Relief have been plagiarized as well, but public email templates remain static.

According to the information, the online payment giant has recognized the problem and a PayPal spokesperson said in a statement: We are aware of this and believe this is a joint plan to use the badge name.

She added, "We take all potential fraud programs very seriously, and work hard to eliminate invalid invoices and keep customer information secure."

"In addition to preventive measures, we have put in place many complex proactive detection and mitigation measures. Whenever similar situations arise, we will take swift action to protect our clients' interests," the spokesman said.

The speaker declined to clarify what was in the PayPal fraud detection tool and did not respond to questions about preemptive barriers preventing anyone from sending invoices.

Note that the invoice email is actually from PayPal ( and the user will see the invoice waiting for them in the PayPal dashboard.

It is not known how many users have been affected by the billing fraud, but one user posted information about the issue on Twitter: Has someone received a $ 35 bill from the organization? Global health?

Earlier this year, the payments company, which has a market value of $ 239.5 billion, announced that it would leverage the power of its platform to process donations totaling $ 16 billion in 2019, including more than $ 40 million. People have donated more than $ 10 billion to charity. In the world.

PayPal said in a report: It has taken steps to help more than 24 million businessmen affected by the Corona virus, including waiving certain fees and deferring the payment of certain business loans.

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