LG hints at a Wing phone with a dual screen
LG hints at a Wing phone with a dual screen

LG publicly recognized its so-called (wing) mobile phone for the first time. Rumors about him have been around for some time. It should be a device with two screens. Its main screen rotates clockwise to form a letter T, and two monitors can be used at the same time.

To get the mobile business moving, a 30-second preview video was posted on YouTube, referring to Wing's slideshow mechanism, and invited to participate in the ad campaign on September 14th.

LG said in another press release: It started the (Explorer) project with a video clip alluding to the first smartphone from this new team.

Project Explorer is both an initiative and a class, encompassing devices that deliver a unique and unexploited user experience. This is a strategy for undiscovered areas of the industry.

Project Explorer details will be officially announced on September 14 (Eastern Time) on LG Mobile's official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

LG created Project Explorer to meet the diverse user needs of today's smartphone customers and to spark much-needed curiosity and excitement in the mobile world.

The plan aims to explore new life in undeveloped areas with the help of trusted partners on the platform and redesign and expand the existing user experience.

Project Explorer is also a new direction in LG's smartphone strategy that focuses on new usability that can only be discovered through innovative design.

LG's new global range will become a line of competing products for companies like LG VELVET focused on consumer lifestyle.

LG is working with industry partners to develop unique features that enhance the Project Explorer display experience on mobile devices, while Qualcomm provides processing technology to support LG’s premium line-up.

“LG’s partners believe it is very important to offer a new and unique user experience to consumers in the smartphone industry,” said Morris Lee, President of LG Mobile Communications.

LG has always been a pioneer in managing the form factor of smartphones. This is the only way to achieve the urgently needed innovations in the mobile communications market. ''

Starting with this year's Velvet project, LG has performed a fundamental revision of its smartphone product line. Project Explore is the second installment of LG's new smartphone strategy.

LG has not confirmed any specifications for the upcoming phone or will call it "Wing" when it is officially launched.

Previous leaks from the phone indicate that it will come with a 6.8-inch screen, a smaller 4-inch screen, and a Snapdragon 765G processor. The new smartphone will be equipped with a triple camera with a 64 MP main sensor.

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