Skoda launches an electric SUV
Skoda launches an electric SUV

Introducing the KODA ENYAQ iV to the market, it is the first all-electric SUV based on the Volkswagen platform (MEB), which could be a series of cars.

All Volkswagen brands have benefited from the development of the MEB platform, which is a modular electric platform that can support many different models.

The Czech company KODA is one of the first to use the new ENYAQ iV to use the MEB platform.

At the press conference, KODA CEO Thomas Schäfer said: The publication of the ENYAQ iV marks Skoda's entry into a new era: it's the first fully electric vehicle based on the platform. The SEM model.

He added, "By introducing this model, we have made electric cars smart for long distances, fast charging, ease of use, and affordable prices."

ENYAQ iV is manufactured at the Kodak base Mladá Boleslav. This makes Kodak's flagship plant the only car production plant in Europe outside of Germany.

The company has equipped the car with a large 13-inch touch screen in the middle, a clean and beautiful interior, and a digital cockpit housed in a 5.3-inch screen that can be operated in four different configurations.

The drive train offers three battery sizes: according to the WLTP standard, the permissible range is 340 km to 510 km.

There's also Laura, a digital voice assistant that understands 15 languages ​​and different driving options from 109 kW to 225 kW. The base model uses a 55 kW battery for a range of 340 km.

Thanks to the second electric motor on the front axle and an 82 kW battery, which can charge 5% to 80% of the battery in under 38 minutes, the top model also has an all-wheel drive system. Fast CC.

Skoda is expected to begin shipping the Founders Limited Edition (ENYAQ iV) in the spring of 2021. The company has not released all pricing information, but the price is expected to be around € 35,000. .

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