Microsoft clarifies the fate of the Xbox One X.
Microsoft clarifies the fate of the Xbox One X.

Microsoft's new Xbox Series S is expected to deliver impressive next-generation performance for $ 299. However, the current discussion revolves around the Xbox One X.

According to Microsoft, the 4K-oriented Xbox from 2017 will continue to have benefits over the Xbox Series S, at least when playing current games optimized for the Xbox One X.

(Xbox Series S) does not run the (Xbox One X) version that is compatible with previous versions of the game, but the (Xbox One S) version of (Xbox One) and (Xbox 360) games with some improvements.

Microsoft said in a statement: “The Xbox Series S is the cheapest next-generation gaming device that can play next-generation games at 1440p and 60fps.

The statement added: “To provide the highest quality of backward compatibility, Xbox Series S consoles run backwards compatible (Xbox One S) version of games with improved filter applications, higher, more consistent frame rates, and faster. Load times and HDR" automatically ". .

This means that most Xbox Xbox games will run in backward compatibility mode at 1080p or lower resolution (Xbox Series S), although they will take advantage of some built-in hardware features like faster SSDs.

Since the performance of (Xbox One S) mode has improved over the current low-cost devices, games that run in (Xbox One S) mode should also work better on (Xbox One S), but this is not the case. Case X Does not apply Specific improvements like HD.

The current version of the game can only receive updates from the device (Xbox Series S). Some games also have this mode, for example: (Gears 5) and (Forza Horizon 4).

The same goes for backward compatible games (Xbox 360), although it's not clear what this means for compatible original Xbox games, which all run in 4K resolution on the Xbox One X.

The reason lies in the different priorities of these two devices, as the Xbox One X is designed to play Xbox One games at a resolution of up to 4K, and the platform adds more powerful graphics processors to the rest. Minor adjustments have been made to this article to achieve this goal. Customize.

At the same time (Xbox Series S) can play original games of the new generation at 1080p or 1440p resolution, which is why, despite the processor unit, it is designed much more closely on the processor and SSD, faster than the Xbox One X. Graphics, which In some ways it is not very very effective.

If you want to play games in 4K resolution, consider buying it (Xbox Series X) for $ 499. But if you're not considering HD priority, you might be interested in the Xbox SeriesS for $ 299. .

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