Twitter bug allows users to edit tweets
Twitter bug allows users to edit tweets

Many Twitter users like to delete a reply to a tweet, edit and correct errors in the deleted text when it appears again, then repost it.

Tom Warren found out first, as he posted a tweet explaining that Twitter is apparently testing a new way to manipulate Tweets.

Warren said, "If you delete a Tweet, when you reply to someone and then respond again, the old text will return so you can correct the typo."

A Twitter user commented: I think I edited a tweet, wrote a tweet, noticed a slight misspelling in a message, deleted the tweet, then hit the reply option again and found that my previous tweet was a full text that can be edited and returned to become.

A Twitter spokesperson later responded to Warren: Unfortunately we haven't tested this, it's just a bug, we're investigating.

Twitter users requested an edit button to avoid the embarrassment of sending misspelled tweets.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said the edit button may never work and we started out as a text messaging service first because we all know when you can write text that you can't recover, we want to keep it. Early feeling.

However, the platform recently rolled out some other promising features, including the ability to let all users choose an answer. This is part of the platform that allows users to have more control over their system. Conversations.

After a serious Bitcoin scam, Twitter shut down the feature (as a measure to prevent piracy) and re-enabled the feature to download Twitter data for about two months and understand the nature of the data stored on the platform.

The platform has also added powerful Tweets and short descriptions of some popular topics to its services to help people understand why it's so popular.

The company said: It will add powerful tweets representing some of the popular topics in Android and iOS applications. These Tweets will soon be available on the Twitter web platform and will be posted in the coming weeks.

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