Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S launch and announces pricing
Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S launch and announces pricing

Microsoft confirmed today (Tuesday) that it is preparing to release a smaller, cheaper version of the next-generation gaming platform (Xbox Series X).

The American tech giant is currently preparing to launch Xbox Series X later this year, which will feature powerful specifications and improved graphics quality to convince players to spend money on the new gaming platform.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X is expected to compete with the Sony PlayStation 5. Both devices are expected to be available before the Christmas season in December.

Today Microsoft posted a tweet on the (Xbox) platform on Twitter to promote this new device called (Xbox Series S).

She said the Xbox Series S would be the "smallest (Xbox) Xbox ever" and would sell for $ 299. The company did not mention the launch date or specifications of the platform. Microsoft has already said: The Xbox Series X will be four times more powerful than its predecessor Xbox One X.

It should be noted that the confirmation from Microsoft came after the leak of the basic system, as a Microsoft Windows Central news expert reported on Monday that the Xbox Series X is priced at $ 499, while the Xbox Series X is $ 499, while the Xbox The Series S is priced at 299. Dollars.

Windows Central quoted a source as saying: Both devices have the option to purchase at a monthly rate. The site also states that consumers can buy Xbox Series X for $ 35 a month or Xbox SeriesS for $ 25 a month. Microsoft said: After the tweet was posted on Tuesday, there is no more content to post.

This is said to be the first time that a major gaming console maker has announced pricing details for next-generation hardware. Sony first released PlayStation 5 in June but has not released prices or release dates. According to Windows Central, the two new Microsoft platforms are expected to launch on November 10.
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