New leaked video of LG's dual screen Wing
New leaked video of LG's dual screen Wing

Next Monday, LG is preparing to announce its dual-screen smartphone. At the beginning of this year, the Korean company was said to have developed a smartphone codenamed (Wing) Wing.

In the teaser video released by the South Korean company, LG indicated that the device has two screens and the main screen can be rotated in a clockwise direction to form a T-shape, which allows two screens to be used at the same time.

LG said in another press release: It launched Project Explorer with a promotional video indicating the first smartphone of this new team.

Project Explorer details will be officially announced on September 14 (EST) at 10 a.m. or 5 p.m. Mecca time on LG Mobile's official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

A new video has now been released showing the Wing cell phone in the user's hand. User rotates two T-screens and then positions them on the same axis.

At the end of August last year, Android Authority released the second video on smartphones (Wing). This Android news site posted another video about two days ago that shows the Wing model with the primary screen in portrait orientation and the secondary screen on the side, although the previous model of the device showed a smaller model below. The larger screen is placed in the landscape orientation.

Last May, a report from South Korea announced that LG is developing a dual-screen smartphone whose main screen can pivot to display the next additional screen.

According to the Corian Herald, the phone - ETNews codenamed Wing - will have a 6.8-inch primary screen and a 4-inch secondary screen. The price is expected to be slightly higher than that of the Velvet when it goes on sale later this year.

If the phone was actually launched, it wouldn't be LG's first rotating screen phone, as the South Korean company released several phones with the same design over the past decade, including the LG LB1500 and LG. LU1400. Apart from the feature of rotating the screen, these phones have the added advantage of supporting television broadcast reception, although they were introduced with the version of traditional phones that do not touch.

According to a report from ETNews, Wing will use the secondary screen for multitasking, such as: for example, displaying images on the primary screen and accessing image editing tools on the secondary screen.

In addition to the rotating screen, LG mobile phones will also support the fifth generation network, contain Snapdragon 7 series processors and provide the host with three 64-megapixel rear-view cameras.

According to ETnews, this phone is expected to hit the market in the second half of this year. The Korean Herald website mentioned that the price of this phone is $ 817.

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