Qualcomm chips for 5G smartphones manufactured by Samsung
Qualcomm chips for 5G smartphones manufactured by Samsung

Qualcomm uses Samsung Electronics to make the Snapdragon 5G chipset at affordable prices.

Yonhap News reported that Samsung and Qualcomm have signed a contract to manufacture 5G chips for low-cost smartphones.

This will likely be linked to the upcoming Snapdragon 4 series that will be used in cheaper 5G smartphones.

Currently, the Korean giant has produced several 5G chipsets for Qualcomm based on an 8nm manufacturing process, including Snapdragon 690.

Samsung also produces Qualcomm (Snapdragon 765) chipsets and (Snapdragon 768) chipsets, which are based on a 7nm manufacturing process.

Given the price of the Snapdragon 4 series chipset, it is likely that these chips are manufactured using an 8nm manufacturing process.

Samsung has won contracts to manufacture Qualcomm chips and the South Korean giant is consolidating its position in the processor industry.

Xiaomi, OPPO and Motorola are waiting for the first batch of new Qualcomm chips (Snapdragons 5G). The first Snapdragon 4 series phones are expected to be available early next year, so production will start soon.

As Samsung said last month, Samsung recently received agreements from large companies to make other processors: It will manufacture the POWER 10 chips for IBM.

Industry insiders said earlier this month: Samsung will produce Nvidia's new RTX 3000 series GPUs.

Samsung, the world's largest manufacturer of memory chips, lags far behind TSMC when it comes to processor manufacturers.

According to market research firm TrendForce, Samsung is expected to maintain a market share of 17.4% in the global processor industry in the third quarter of this year, and (TSMC) is expected to continue to dominate with a market share of 53.9%.

Samsung has pledged to invest 133 trillion won ($ 112 billion) to become the global leader in logic chips by 2030 and improve its competitiveness in LSI (LSI system) and processor manufacturers.

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