Boston Dynamics Introduces the Spot Robot to New Market
Boston Dynamics Introduces the Spot Robot to New Market

The company is a Boston Dynamics robot manufacturer and Boston Dynamics announced that it will publicly sell its quadruple robot in the US in June.

After years of development, the company started renting a robot from the company last year. About three months ago, any American company could buy Spot for $ 74,500, and the robot is now also available to companies in the European Union, UK and Canada.

It took Boston Dynamics 25 years to bring its first commercial product to market. Sale phase took place nine months after Spotlight was available in limited quantities as part of the early adoption program.

The robot is intelligent, but its job is currently limited to scanning and data acquisition. He saw 3D drawings of construction sites and looked for machinery malfunctions on offshore oil platforms during trial run. Routine testing also includes helping hospitals find COVID-19 patients and working with police teams specializing in explosives.

Spot is a multifunctional mobile platform that can be customized with different sensors and programmed for patrolling and inspections.

The company primarily sells robots to industrial and commercial clients whose equipment must be placed where no one should go due to risks or repetitive tasks such as carrying a camera and walking. Walk around the factory 40 times a day. And take the same picture. Each.

The company announced in June that it would continue to update the Spot. Since the robot has received customer reviews but is ready for public sale due to the latest software update, the update, called "Spot 2.0", may include advanced battery life and navigation features.

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