Amacam GPS Car Tracker Theft Protection-Amatrac
Amacam GPS Car Tracker Theft Protection-Amatrac

Anti-theft GPS vehicle tracker - Amatrac GV20 ultra-fast real-time location tracker and remote engine shutdown. Instantly send multiple security alerts and track the dust and water resistance of your IP65 smartphone

Perfect solution for GPS tracking
AM-GV20 is easy to install. Great tracking, tracking, reporting, logging, and security features. Use a 3G communication network with GPS technology. This GPS tracker is an ideal solution for all your real time tracking needs. Track your vehicle anytime, anywhere

Various uses
private car
Rent a car
car rental

Real-time monitoring around the clock
With the AM-GV20 you can monitor vehicles anytime, anywhere. You can easily monitor your vehicle and its surroundings in real time and receive instant notifications of any event. You stay in touch all the time and know what's always happening in your car.

Amatrac Robust Tracking Platform smartphone app
Use the demo login at any time on the Amatrac website. You can personally understand the functions of this web platform. Please visit You can also download the Track Solid app from the Apple Store or Google Play

Vandalism alarm
If the AM-GV20 has been tampered with and deleted, you will be instantly reminded via the smartphone. Leaving your car in an unattended location is priceless.

Create a frame
With the AM-GV20, you can easily draw frames on your smartphone using the app. When your vehicle leaves these restrictions, it will send a notification to your smartphone.

Technical details

GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
The AT6558 GPS chipset is very sensitive
Positioning accuracy <10 meters
Operating voltage / current 9-24 VDC / 32 mA (12 VDC)
Size 88 x 45 x 13 mm

Review Amacam GPS Car Tracker Theft Protection-Amatrac
Amacam GPS Car Tracker Theft Protection-Amatrac

  • ⭐️TRACKER GPS monitoring is free, including use of Amatrac GPS Tracking Platform >>> website and smartphone apps. Either way, you can always see exactly where the car is and see its progress. Determine the location in real time, accurately and quickly. Both systems are completely free. Apply for a free SIM card with a balance of £ 5.00. Details can be found here >>>
  • Destructive and unbalanced: The tracking device is small and compact. In the case of potential theft of cars, it is not clear if the device is a high-quality real-time tracking device. Always keep vehicle in a safe position. Durable and high-quality design, dustproof and IP65 waterproof.
  • ⭐️ Remote Engine Shutdown / Tamper Alarm: With the Amacam AM-GV20, you can turn off the fuel for the engine via the mobile app. If the device has been tampered with (such as turning off the device), you will receive a warning on the smartphone. High security with many alarms.
  • Theft Alarm: Always be vigilant when parking to protect your vehicle. You can enjoy peace of mind when leaving the car unattended. When motion is detected, you can set an alarm and send it to you via your smartphone. Then track your car in real time to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Accurate Global Positioning: Due to the accurate nature of the AM-GV20, the GPS signal information can show the vehicle's true location. The positioning accuracy is less than 10 meters. This data is of great value when finding a stolen vehicle.

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