Review BG Zeus3-12 Chartplotter Navigation System
BG Zeus3-12 Chartplotter Navigation System

Navigation System B&G 000-13243-001 Zeus3-12 Blueprint diagram of cruisers and oars

Zeus 3-12 is an easy-to-use graphical navigation system for blue water cruisers and sailing racing teams. It has a 12-inch touch screen, high-performance electronics and many functions developed specifically for seafarers. It contains pre-optimized US-C-MAP maps with coastal and inland coverage.

Screen mirror on phone
Thanks to the built-in WLAN, you can use the Link app to mirror and control the screen anywhere on your smartphone or tablet, thus creating a cost-effective two-stop solution. Save your settings and waypoints, or connect to a wireless hotspot or WiFi dock to download weather forecasts and download software updates directly to your device. Connect the mobile phone via bluetooth to read and reply to text messages on the graphic display.

Zeus 3 Radar Integration
Deal with busy shipping routes, use B&G broadband radar on the Zeus 3, drive in dark and low-visibility areas and track weather units. (Broadband radar sold separately)

Customization options on Zeus 3
Zeus3 charting devices support a wide range of revolutionary charts including C-MAP, Navionics, and NV Digital. Use advanced planning features like automatic routing, tides, dynamic currents, aerial photos, and detailed harbor maps to make sure you always know the exact location below the beam.

High accuracy GPS
The built-in 10Hz receiver can always know the exact location of your ship and the GPS receiver sets your location with very high accuracy.

Review BG Zeus3-12 Chartplotter Navigation System
BG Zeus3-12 Chartplotter Navigation System

  • Touch screen: 12 inch touch screen with Solara HD daytime vision and ultra-wide viewing angle. It combines it with an integrated vinyl turntable and keyboard that can control all display functions.
  • High-performance processor: Enable responsive playback and quickly redraw graphics while panning, zooming in or out. The Zeus3 is powered by B&G software specially developed for seafarers and is equipped with a variety of special navigation functions such as sailing
  • Built-in WI-FI: You can access maps, weather information, software updates, and online support right from the screen using any Wi-Fi internet connection. Fi also allows you to control the Zeus3 screen from any compatible tablet anywhere on board.
  • Connectivity: Zeus3 can also be connected to various sensors, devices, monitors, extension cables, and accessories. The included front probe support function can help you understand the situation underwater.
  • Radar support: support plug and play AIS and broadband radar solutions. By using tools like MARPA target tracking and AIS overlay, situational awareness can be increased in congested ports as well as during racing and regattas.

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